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Tupperware Executive Lunch Set with Bag, 4-Pieces (186B)

Tupperware Executive Lunch Set with Bag, 4-Pieces (186B)

Tupperware Executive Lunch Set with Bag, 4-Pieces (186B)

  • Rs898.00

  • Ex Tax:Rs898.00
  • Classic round liquid-tight seal prevents spillage of curries
  • Four bowls allow you to pack a complete lunch
  • Colors may vary, any one will be shipped
  • Package Contents: 2-Pieces Small Bowl (180ml) and 2-Pieces Large Bowl (450ml), 1-Piece Executive Lunch Bag

Product details

  • Item Weight: 381 g

Product Description

A Lunch Box for Working Professionals

An excellent investment for working professionals, the Tupperware Executive lunch set consists of four different containers that can accommodate a wholesome meal. Ideal for office goers as well as family picnics, the Tupperware lunch set is extremely compact and therefore convenient to carry around. Additionally, the containers are packed in a stylish Tupperware bag that can be easily carried on your shoulder. Incorporating a unique air-tight design, this executive lunch box ensures that your food stays fresh even after hours of being packed. So, you can enjoy a tasty meal in spite of having a busy day at work.

Spill-Proof Technology

With its four container design, the Tupperware lunch box set allows you to pack different food items separately. The special air-tight lids provided on each of the containers of the Tupperware Executive lunch box also ensure that there are no unwanted spillovers spoiling your bag when you are on the move. Featuring a circular design, this Executive lunch box set is extremely easy to use. Made of superior quality plastic, the Tupperware lunch box is designed in a manner to comfortably withstand routine wear and tear making it a preferred choice for office goers.

  • Brand: Tupperware
  • Product Material: High-grade plastic
  • Air-tight, liquid-tight seal containers ensuring spill-proof transferability
  • Comes with two large bowls (450ml), two small bowls (180ml) and one carry case
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, environment friendly
  • Microwave safe and dishwasher friendly

From the Manufacturer

The Tupperware executive lunch set includes two large and two small bowls. This package of 4 bowls allows you to pack a complete meal. The bag that accompanies the lunch set is attractive, and can be used by working adults comfortably. The capacity of both the small bowls is 180 ml each, while the large bowls can hold 450 ml each.

Tupperware products are usually available is varied bright and attractive colours. The classic round liquid-tight seal ensures no spillage of the liquid inside. The package is air tight as well so that the food retains its flavour and freshness for hours after being stored.

The material used is a high-grade plastic that is non toxic and non carcinogenic. The material is also environment friendly, and all Tupperware products are built to last long. It comes with a life-time warranty on manufacturing defects.

The ergonomic design of their products has won acclaim and these bowls are versatile, easy to store, and space efficient. The exterior is a sheer scratch resistant surface and also dishwasher friendly.

Product Features

  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • Space efficient and multi purpose.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, environment friendly.
  • Liquid tight seal to prevent leakage.

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