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Tupperware Cool N Fresh Set, 5-Pieces,Color May Vary

Tupperware Cool N Fresh Set, 5-Pieces,Color May Vary

Tupperware Cool N Fresh Set, 5-Pieces,Color May Vary

  • Rs849.00

  • Ex Tax:Rs849.00
  • Convenient sizes like small and medium makes storage easier
  • Comes with textured surface which resists scratches and finger marks thus non slippery
  • Polished surface inside-easy to clean and maintain
  • Stackable-it fits into the corner of the refrigerator-saves space
  • Breathing seals allows air circulation in the refrigerator
  • Colors may vary, any one will be shipped
  • Package Contents: 5-Pieces Small Cool N Fresh (500ml)

Product details

Resistant to Scratches and Finger Marks The Tupperware Cool N Fresh set is a five-piece set that includes five small containers, which have a storage capacity of 500ml. Thanks to their textured surface, the containers are resistant to scratches and finger marks. Furthermore, the textured surface also makes the containers non-slippery. The inner surfaces of the containers included in this Cool N Fresh set are polished, thereby making it easy to clean the set.Perfect for Keeping Food Items Fresh for a Longer Duration Featuring a sturdy design, this Cool N Fresh set of 5 allows you to easily stack up other containers on top. This provides you with more storage space in your refrigerator. The unique breathing seals allow air to circulate in the containers. So, all your food items remain fresh for a longer period of time in the refrigerator. Each container also features a tab on the seal that makes it convenient to open the lid. Simple and easy to use and maintain, this Tupperware cool n fresh set would be a great addition to your kitchen accessories. Brand: Tupperware Includes: Five containers Convenient to use Airtight and spill proof Non slippery and scratch resistant Stackable, space-saving design.

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